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The strength of our brand lies with our people. That is why we consider them our most important asset. Briggs & Stratton fosters an environment of growth, one in which we challenge our employees every day to keep learning.

Whether it’s through our commitment to excel our employees’ careers with our formal Development Programs or our focus on diversity and community relations, to our comprehensive wellness initiatives, Briggs & Stratton creates an environment for success.

When you join Briggs & Stratton, you’re joining Our Neighborhood.

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Briggs & Stratton Neighborhood


Briggs & Stratton is a company that prides itself on sustainability. Not only in its products, machines and business practices, but also in its employment. Briggs & Stratton offers ongoing opportunities and flexible benefits for employees, creating careers that are both sustainable and rewarding. The company also demonstrates its commitment to diversity with employee awareness training and through relationships with community organizations.

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Briggs & Stratton challenges individuals to uncover the 'power within' to succeed. Ready to learn more about Briggs & Stratton employee benefits, career paths, student programs and current openings?

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When You Join Our Neighborhood

When You Join Our Neighborhood


Briggs & Stratton offers a robust total rewards package that focuses on helping our employees balance their work and home lives.

Health & Welfare and Retirement:
Flexible Spending Accounts
Health Savings & Reimbursement Accounts
Life insurance
Disability coverage
Wellness program
Other Benefits:
Paid vacation
Winter Holiday shutdown
Incentive Compensation
Training/development opportunities
Tuition reimbursement at 75%
Business casual dress
Employee discounts
Added benefits for home office location:
On-site cafeterias
Health Center
Fitness Center

“The health and well-being of our employees is critical to the success of our organization. Our employees are our greatest assets.”

Todd Teske, Chairman, President, and CEO
BASCO Careers
Career Development

Career Development

In order to stay ahead of our competition and continue to make products that change the world, we believe in providing learning to help employees exceed our customers' expectations.

At Briggs & Stratton, we provide training to support the key phases of an employee's career. Whether an employee is just starting out and participating in our New Hire program, leading a team through change with our Lean approaches and tools or becoming a new manager, we have learning to fit the needs of our employees.

Being an Employer of Choice

Employee Quotes

Being an Employer of Choice

“I work with such a fun, smart team of people. A great thing about for Briggs & Stratton is that there is an expert in nearly everything who can answer questions. I’ve built a strong network of coworkers and feel very supported.”

Being an Employer of Choice

“I had the opportunity to travel to Italy for a project I was leading. Getting the team together face-to-face helped foster teamwork and communication and made us a more effective team. And it made for some great memories.”

Being an Employer of Choice

“Working at Briggs & Stratton has been my best career decision so far. I want other people to be able to say the same thing, so I’m always eager to discuss why I love working here. The main reason why I came to Briggs & Stratton is for ‘opportunity.’ I wanted to work for a company that would offer many options for my career path, and I haven’t been disappointed.”

Being an Employer of Choice

“Briggs & Stratton has the best of both worlds. We have the benefits and opportunities that come with working for a global company, yet we have the close-knit relationships that tend to foster at smaller companies.”

Your Neighbors

Your Neighbors

Company Awards

In 2015, the Company was recognized in Forbes magazine as #10 of 100 of America's most reputable companies, was named #14 of 100 U.S. companies with the best corporate social responsibility, and also received a Better Business Bureau International Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence. Each of these awards recognizes the Company's superior commitment to exceptional standards for employees, consumers, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities.

U.S. Top 100 RepTrak
BBB International Torch Awards

Labor Aspects

Briggs & Stratton’s commitment to integrity and social responsibility includes its subsidiary companies and extends to its diverse and worldwide supply base. To ensure that suppliers conduct business with a high degree of integrity and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, each Briggs & Stratton’s supplier is required to adhere to this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Community Relations
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Community Relations

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Community Relations

Briggs & Stratton is committed to having a diverse workforce. We believe that the strength of our company comes from its employees. It is by valuing and managing diversity & inclusion, that Briggs and Stratton can effectively leverage the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all employees and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

At Briggs & Stratton, we believe that diversity & inclusion is essential to the Company's growth and long-term success. By recognizing each employee's unique contributions, the Company is better able to execute the Company's business strategy. Therefore, the Company will continue to create and maintain an inclusive environment that embraces and enhances the diversity of a global workforce that mirrors the population of customers and stakeholders in the various communities we serve.

We recognize that diversity has different meanings throughout the world. Our focus on inclusion is designed to continue to build awareness, enhance engagement and capabilities to manage the various dimensions of diversity while remaining sensitive to the cultural variations at the local level.

Student Programs

Briggs & Stratton’s student programs are more than just a summer job; they are the foundation for a successful career.

Over the last 40 years of the program’s rich history, Briggs & Stratton’s student programs have proven a track record of identifying and developing future leaders. Our students work on meaningful assignments that directly impact the organization’s strategic objectives.

Networking and community involvement are valued at Briggs & Stratton. Our students participate in various networking opportunities and community service events, including the United Way Intern Day of Service.

Student Programs

Tomorrow’s Engineers

Founding Tomorrow’s Engineers – Co-Op/Intern Programs

The goal of the student programs at Briggs & Stratton is to provide trained, qualified employees capable of contributing to Briggs & Stratton Corporation in the future. Our programs allow students to contribute to the success of the company through their work assignments and provide students with a real-world work experience where knowledge learned in the classroom can be applied immediately to their work.

Briggs & Stratton regards every student accepted into a student program as a possible full-time employee with potential to grow within the company. Assignments will be enriching learning experiences, designed with their career objective, education, and preferences in mind. Students may expect increased responsibilities as they develop technical skills through course work and work assignments at Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs & Stratton offers the following programs for students:


Internship provides students with single or multiple periods of work in which the work is related to the student’s major or career goal. The students remain in a single department and gain a term or more of career-related experience before graduation.

Cooperative education:

Cooperative education provides students with several different periods in which the work is related to the student’s major or career goal. The student will work in multiple departments gaining a year or more of career-related work experience before graduation.


Auburn – Best Robotics

The BEST program (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) program provides a great opportunity for high school and even junior high students to learn about robotics. Each competing school begins with the same box of parts, making the competition focused on hard work and ability. Each school must use only the parts provided to design, build, and program their robots in about six weeks before the first competition. “It’s amazing what the kids put into this,” said Crystal Bolich, a Briggs & Stratton Auburn employee and competition judge. “Several schools bring their band and cheerleaders for the spirit award. One year so many people watched South’s Best online the server crashed.”

BEST Robotics


Co-ops Traveling Abroad

Brian Lee, Mechanical Engineering co-op, studied abroad at the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire in northern England. The coursework in Sheffield was an integral part of his studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His focus was on core mechanical engineering courses in fluid dynamics and power conversion, but Brian also took elective courses on politics & government of the E.U., aero propulsion and biomechanics. After his semester abroad, Brian then returned to Wisconsin where he completed his fourth and final Co-Op term.

David Shea, Mechanical Engineering co-op, studied at Chongqing University, where he took a Chinese language course to build on the introductory class he took at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. David also conducted research with a professor in the College of Power Engineering while at Chongqing University. David also worked part-time at the Briggs & Stratton Chongqing plant, providing a valuable link between engineering in Milwaukee and the operations in China. David was fortunate enough to celebrate the Chinese New Year while in Chongqing, and after one semester at Chongqing University, David returned home to complete his co-op arrangement.

Co-ops Traveling Abroad
Co-ops Traveling Abroad

Briggs & Stratton Racing

Throughout Briggs & Stratton’s 105 year history, the Company has been involved with kart racing. This involvement began almost as soon as the first engine came off the assembly line in 1919. The Company’s relationship with racing not only helped lay the foundation for many professional American racers, but it helped establish a reputation of reliability and dependability for our engines. This commitment and passion also helped fuel the design, technology and performance in our engines today.

Briggs & Stratton is a proud partner in the racing community and we continue to engineer, design and test our engines in the harshest environments possible, to not only meet our expectations, but also those of our customers. We continue this involvement with the racing community through the development of the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex in Elkhart Lake, WI and the Briggs & Stratton X-Plex in Chandler, AZ., helping to provide the infrastructure for the next generation of Briggs & Stratton racers.

About Briggs & Stratton Racing
Briggs & Stratton Racing

Truly Hands-On

A primary pillar of Briggs & Stratton’s corporate strategy is to protect the engine business. In order to enhance that pillar, we coordinate educational programs with high schools that allow students opportunities to obtain those skills. Formula High School is an interactive hands-on competition that allows high school students the opportunity to build their very own formula go-kart containing a Briggs & Stratton® V-Twin engine. Students apply their skills in the classroom to develop a kart which must be raced against other competing schools. Additionally, team members must acquire funding from businesses or private investors, garnering the communication, sales and collaboration skills needed.

Truly Hands-On

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness & Wellness


Briggs & Stratton truly believes that our employees are our biggest asset. From on-site health screenings to tracking exercise, the Living Well Rewards program provides tools, resources, and incentives to assist employees in achieving their optimum health. The Company also has a Fitness Center on their Milwaukee, WI campus with a full time fitness specialist. At any given time, employees can be found working off stress, meeting with a physical therapist, or attending any one of the Fitness Center's ten group exercise classes.

Briggs & Stratton Health Centers recently entered its tenth year at the Company with facilities on the Milwaukee, WI and Poplar Bluff, MO campuses. The Health Centers have fully trained medical staff and handle a multitude of medical matters, all for a low cost to the employee. Medical staff also includes an onsite Registered Dietitian, a Wellness Coach and a Diabetes Educator for employees' specialized needs.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security
Using Technology to Keep Us Secure


Looking into the Future

Briggs and Stratton's Global Security Department is excited to introduce a whole new team comprised of subject matter experts. This team is focused on using existing systems to their full potential creating a nexus of information to provide situational awareness and predictive analytics. Our team's top priority is the safety and security of our greatest assets, our people. We make it our mission to provide the safest environment possible with the data provided; to make the best fact based decisions. Where we can learn; we will, where we can teach; we will, where we can prevent; we will.